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One Fund, 
Many Efforts


Your support is key to Think Again’s efforts to support critical thinking, freedom of expression, intellectual humility, and viewpoint diversity for students on Grounds. Donors can contribute directly to Think Again and to The Jefferson Independent using the links below. However, we’ve started a new fund — The Fund for Free Expression and Viewpoint Diversity — that allows us to support any student and faculty organization on Grounds that aligns with our four pillars. As a result, the Fund currently supports not only Think Again and The Jefferson Independent, but Heterodox Academy at UVA, Hoos for Free Speech, and the student groups Civil Discourse Initiative and Hoos Views. As new student and faculty groups spring up in favor of free speech and viewpoint diversity — we know of some on their way — we’ll have the flexibility to support them as well. We hope you’ll join us in supporting our mission using the link below. All donations to The Fund for Free Expression and Viewpoint Diversity are tax-deductible and count toward UVA giving.

Scroll through this slideshow and follow the links to learn more about each one of these organizations whose missions align with those of Think Again .

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