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What is Intellectual Humility?

Intellectual humility is the ability to admit that one might be mistaken. 


  • Intellectual humility helps to combat arrogance and overconfidence because when we are intellectually humble, we recognize that our ideas may be wrong, that the evidence we are using could be inaccurate, or that our current beliefs could be outdated.


  • Intellectual humility is often referred to as being open-minded, persuadable, and able to consider other viewpoints.  


  • Intellectual humility contributes to greater civility in public and private discourse, because when we are humble, we tend not to have an attitude of “my way or the highway.”  Intellectual humility makes us less likely to simply dismiss others’ views or be offended by views different from our own.


Intellectual Humility Resources

Look here for articles, studies, speeches, and other resources that give you more information about our core values of free speech, intellectual humility, critical thinking, and viewpoint diversity. 

Intellectual Humility

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